Audi withinside the automobile enterprise is wealthy with innovation, evolution, and motorsports. From its first version to current-day achievements, the automaker has constantly been at the leading edge of the car-making world. This innovation has furnished the basis for current features, technology, and layout aesthetics. It has driven the envelope, forcing the opposition to observe suit, and as a result, has left a mark in the automobile world.

By figuring out desires and predicting trends, Audi has constantly stayed ahead, inviting different producers to try to maintain up. The result: an organization constructed by looking down on achievement and invention. This automaker has by no means simply made vehicles that can be extra advanced, it is also constructed machines that can be crafted across the user experience. With its honest proportion of roots withinside the motorsport world, Audi knows what it takes to make an automobile carry out well, beneath neath any conditions.


Every Great Super Hero Has an Origin Story

When you notice a car decorated with the well-known 4 earrings badge at the nose, you realize unequivocally that it’s something special. It is one of the ideal producers withinside the international with a long, storied record of innovation, quality, and racing pedigree. Founded via way of means of August Horch in 1909, Audi is a part of the Volkswagen Group of groups and is situated in Ingolstadt, Germany. The call its genuinely comes from the Latin translation of Horch’s ultimate call, itself the phrase for ‘listen’ in German. And that well-known 4-earrings logo?

It’s extra than only an emblem symbol; it represents the 4 authentic groups that Audi merged with lower back in 1932 to shape the bigger Auto Union AG emblem. Auto Union changed into obtained via way of means of some of the special groups at some point of the mid-1900s and changed into absolutely bought via way of means of Volkswagen in 1966, and it changed into simplest in 1985 that Audi shed the Auto Union call.


From the Race Track to the Street

Audi has a wealthy racing history that spans an extensive variety of disciplines, from August Horch, ’s a success racing profession that he pursued for the duration of the early years of Audi, to the racing records baked into the DNA of the opposite 3 organizations that it merged with, to the company’s absolute domination of Rallying withinside the 1980s, and maximum recently, Audi’s mastery of the 24 Hours of Le Mans with its diesel racing machines.

1978 noticed the introduction of the Audi Sports Department and victory at the dust got here best 365 days later with the mythical Audi 80. The aggregate of the modern Quattro all-wheel force and the company’s beastly turbocharged five-cylinder engines overwhelmed the competition, and rally vehicles delivered domestic more than one international title and firmly secured the brand’s legacy as a motorsports powerhouse.


And there are few producers who could in shape Audi’s music record (pun intended) of innovation in the race music and produce that era to the street. A case in factor is the mythical Audi Quattro which first debuted at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show. As the first actual overall performance automobile to characteristic all-wheel force, it changed into instrumental in popularizing using all-wheel force in avenue automobiles and that device has long past directly grown to be a hallmark.

Committed to Evolution

As the car panorama changes, Audi is converting properly at the side of it. Its ultra-excessive overall performance ‘RS’ automobiles nevertheless come packing big engines with loopy horsepower, however, the destiny for it is actually electrified. Last year, the organization unveiled a lovely absolutely electric-powered supercar at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance referred to as the PB18 e-Tron. Bring at the destiny.



Audi continues to be dedicated to converting the automobile industry, and it stays a pacesetter in efficiency, performance, and luxury. Visit Audi Silver Spring at 3151 Automobile Blvd, Silver Spring, MD 20904 or touch our income group of workers online these days and allow us to display to you the way the wealthy records of Audi have helped this emblem generate a number of the pleasant automobiles available in the marketplace these days.

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